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Who We Are

Paris Rental Services is a real estate agency dedicated to our customers. We are specialised in the very central districts of the city and are focused on the furnished rental market. We work with foreigners every day. This is why we can help you, as a buyer, to make the right choice when investing. As a foreign buyer, you want to make sure that your investment is profitable and that you can easily sell it, in case your personal life changes.

Why Invest

Investing in Paris is a good opportunity right now because the USD/EUR exchange rate is at its lowest, so the property you buy today is much less expensive for a USD buyer than it was two or three years ago. Your dream can become reality.

Due to the legislative protection in Paris, it is impossible to build high towers in the city. The environment that you see is completely settled and your neighbourhood today will be your neighbourhood tomorrow.

It is also impossible to build new buildings in 99% of the heart of Paris and demography maintains a high demand. Therefore prices cannot go down.

Brexit has made Paris more attractive for international companies in search of relocation and the demand is very high on the rental market.

French people are not fond of the stock exchange market. That is why, during the 2008 crisis and the following years, real estate has gone up in Paris while it was going down in many other countries.

The legislation for real estate is very protective for the buyer here in Paris. As a buyer, you cannot buy a property with problems that you are not be aware of before you buy it.

Paris offers one of the highest densities of monuments, museums, restaurants and shops and is rated the most romantic city in the world.

The network of hospitals and doctors is one of the most effective in the world.


We are very confident for the evolution of the market in the coming years and believe that now is time to buy.

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