Paris Rental Services has specialized in vacation rentals in Paris for five years.
Our dedicated team is here to:

- Help owners maximize their Parisian apartment while being able to stay as often as they like.

- Help homeowners who cannot directly deal with the rental or maintenance of their property.

- Assist homeowners who would like to enter the rental market.


COMMITMENT #1: Addressing the rental market successfully.

The market for vacation rentals in Paris is growing. Why?

New tourism is emerging from an increasing number of countries.

This increased tourism generates an increased demand for less expensive hosting solutions.

This creates stronger competition for the rental market.

We will guide you on choosing the right design and layout for your property and also take into account your own needs.


COMMITMENT #2: Optimize reservations for your apartment.

Paris Rental Services will manage your reservations for your property.

We will fully publish and manage for you an online advertisement, on some of the world’s most commonly visited sites.

Constant fluctuating markets are monitored and your apartment rent can be adjusted a value that would bring you the best return.

We relieve you of the stress associated with this time-consuming management process that requires a very high activity rate to keep your property noticed and rented.

Your guests deserve a warm and personalized welcome. We are available every day of the week for your apartment check-in/check-outs. Our professional greeters give the tenants the set of keys for their stay. Satisfied customers can leave positive feedback on the booking sites, allowing future guests to book without any doubts.


COMMITMENT #3: Provide management of your property.

Paris Rental Services manages all of the contracts for the rental of your property. We manage all aspects of their reservation to fully accommodate them.
Check-in/check-out, cleaning and laundry is provided for every rental.

Your apartment may also need repairs, or administrative assistance to an insurer or trustee. We can manage these repairs while informing you immediately of all actions being taken for any significant problems.

For estimates for repairs in excess of an amount defined on the management contract, we await your written agreement before we proceed.


COMMITMENT #4: Creating complete payment receipts.

We are committed to developing monthly receipts and disbursements for our customers who have signed a management contract with us.

Monthly accounts are sent directly to you.

We have a financial guarantee and professional insurance which will ensure the secure collection of your rent and the security of your damage deposits for your property.